Imposter Syndrome

  • What is an Imposter Syndrome? 
    • Imposter syndrome is basically feeling like you got this high achievement place (accepted to grad school, etc.) and it feels like it wasn’t through your achievements, but somehow through luck, chance or some other undeserving way. You feel like a fraud that doesn’t belong and worry about being “found out”
    • Impostor syndrome is a completely common thing that happens at some point to almost everyone in grad school—apparently ~70% of people feel imposter syndrome at some point in their lives, but I’m sure in grad school is somewhere above 95%...weirdly mostly not talked about either
  • Individual imposter syndrome stories from the hosts
  • Why grad school is such a fertile breeding ground for imposter syndrome?
  • How do you deal with imposter syndrome?
  • Alternate tips for dealing with Imposter Syndrome?
  • An Advisor “Aunt/Uncle” can be a valuable resource here—also older grad students or post docs if you feel close to them
  • Remember we’ve all dealt with this and we all remember how much it sucked—if you ask a peer or someone further along in their career for help dealing with this, they will probably help—someday you’ll be helping someone else deal with this


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