Should you do a PhD?

Welcome to the “What’s the PhDeal?” podcast; the podcast where we attempt to demystify the scientific PhD process… for folks going through the rigors of pursuing a PhD, folks thinking about getting a PhD or even people just curious about what it’s all about! 


Your intrepid hosts are four PhD scientists that have gotten their PhDs in different scientific fields and schools; and all come from varied and disparate backgrounds to get different points of view in order to best bring you “the real PhDeal”. Your hosts are Dr. Luis (Lou) Estevez - PhD in Materials Science and Engineering (Cornell University), Elizabeth Kautz - PhD in Materials Engineering (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Elias Nakouzi - PhD in Physical Chemistry (Florida State University), and Rajan Patel - PhD in Chemical Engineering (Missouri University of Science & Technology).


Join us each week (new podcasts drop Monday) as we try our best to handle various topics involved in pursuing a STEM PhD and try and give our best advice, stories, strategies and mutual commiseration of choosing this career path 

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In this Episode:

  • What differentiates a career after a PhD Vs. Undergrad/Masters science/engineering degree—what career options close off and which ones open up?
  • Why do a PhD?
  • Why did we do a PhD?
  • Who should or shouldn’t do a PhD?
  • Leaving a PhD program—can you escape without the degree? Is it a black mark on you permanently?
  • Taking a break from a PhD program—mental health can dictate you take a break, can be quite stressful

All the music on our episodes/show is by Luis Estevez (host), and copyrighted to our show, What's The PhDeal?.

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